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10 of the Most Effective Treatments for CFS

An interesting and informative article from the Living With Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Blog.


“This list documents what I believe are some of the most effective CFS treatments based on studies, anecdotal reports and/or mechanisms of action. This list is ranked from 1 to 10 with 1 being a potential treatment for broad Oxford Criteria CFS and 10 being a possible treatment for Canadian Consensus Criteria ME/CFS. The increasing numbers of this list correlate with more stringent CFS criteria. Another way of interpreting the rankings on this list involves possible prioritisations of treatments. In other words, it is unlikely one would take treatments 9 or 10 if they hadn’t yet tried the first few treatments.”

1.       Energy Revitalizing System

2.       D-Ribose

3.       Vitamin B12 Injections

4.       Magnesium Injections

5.       Inosine

6.       Oxymatrine

7.       Artesunate

8.       Low Dose Naltrexone

9.       Nexavir

10.    GcMAF

The article also points out  ” I am not a doctor and patients should consult with their healthcare professional before undertaking any treatment regime.”

For the full article click here.

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