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Simon Wessely – Friend or Foe

July 25, 2011 1 comment

Simon Wessely is on the board of the Medical Research Council and claimed for many years that the causes of CFS/ME were all psychological, rather than physical. This meant that many sufferers were unable for years to obtain help for a physical illness.

Dr Wessely finally (recently) admitted a physical component, but still perplexingly says no research is needed into its causes.

He also suggested that Gulf War Syndrome was psychological, rather than physical. The prevailing concensus is now that the syndrome was caused by the cocktail of drugs the ground troops were injected with – against medical advice – before going to war in Kuwait.

This  puts him on the side of the insurance and pharmaceutical companies, who would find it far too expensive if M.E. was declared physical (particularly the drug companies involved with Gulf War Syndrome) as insurance companies only pay for physical illnesses.

He is generally disliked by the M.E. community.

Do you have any thoughts about or experiences with this man?

You can write to Professor Wessely here:

Professor Simon Wessely
Weston Education Centre
Cutcombe Road
London SE5 9RJ